Reaction Time Test

Try our free online test to improve your reaction time, including working on your hand-eye coordination and quick response drills.

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What is Reaction Time Test?

The online test calculates on the basis of how long it takes to notice, identify, and create a suitable response to a graphical (seeing), hearing, or kinesthetic (touch) stimulus.

It is an important measure of fitness and can be improved with practice. Some tips on how to improve your reaction time include working on your hand-eye coordination, practicing startle response drills, and participating in activities that require quick reactions.

Your reaction time is the time it takes for your brain to process information and react to it. The average human reaction time is about 250 milliseconds, which means we can process and respond to things in less than a second.

How to Test Reaction Time

After starting the reaction time test, it will scroll you to the test window in which you will see the colorful objects. You have to click the thing as fast as possible to check your reaction toward that visual object.

It will show the reaction time in seconds at the bottom of the test window per click. Try to give your best score everytime to maintain and improve your reaction time in every attempt.

Tips to Improve Your Reaction Time

If you want to improve your quick respond time, then follow the below tips:-


1. Physical Training

The best way to improve reaction times is by doing physical exercises for your body. There are many ways to train your body physically to react to time. Pick any sport and practice.

2. Stay Calm

Meditation and calmness can be beneficial to improve your reaction time. Meditating and staying calm help increase the brain's focus, and you react quickly to tiny little things. Hence, keeping yourself quiet can enhance your reaction time & makes a massive impact.

Maintain Your Diet

Researchers at Leiden University & the University of Amsterdam found things like those who had recently eaten tyrosine, an essential component for producing some necessary brain chemicals called neurotransmitters, which are found in spinach & eggs to improve reaction time.


1. Consistency In Practice

The best & efficient way to improve your quick response is to practice more & more!! We can't achieve this without doing daily practice. Take the test and practice it regularly, boost your responding time score result and become a professional at your favorite game.