About Us

We believe clear vision is a right, not a privilege. Empowering a change in the eyecare industry begins with empowering our employees – giving them the tools and support to make a difference.

We design accurate color blindness tests directly into the hands of people around the world. Our online blindness test makes self-administered eye tests available to billions of people many of whom may not have had the ability to test their eyes in eyecare.

Our mission is to help people to check their color blindness with access to low cost, convenient solutions with our online tool.

Our team make a diff research on color blindness and design a webbase application according to our search and available research paper on internet.


  • Our goal is to make your online experience more comfortable with the multitude of blindness test. we offer our service without any charges.

  • We believe in growing together, and these tools are a reflection of that belief. Call it a gesture of good-will; we are always here to serve you with tools and programs that can help your site get leads or even something as basic as network security that is of paramount importance.

  • We are fiercely honest.

  • We are customer obsessed.

  • We work hard, play nice, and care about the people around us.