Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our ColorBlindnessTest before reaching out to us. This document mostly solves all your questions.

Q. Can I correct my color blindness?

Many people are looking for a correction of their color blindness. But unfortunately, there isn't any real correction possible. Out blindness test can only help you to know the level and type of your blindness.

Q. How can I pass the Ishihara test?

For passing the Ishihara test, you simply need to solve our online color blindness test similar to the Ishihara test by simply recognizing numbers and shapes.

Q. Is the color blindness test work for my children?

Yes, Our test is also available for kids Color Blindness Test for Kids, which is very easy to solve.

Q. Which type of color blindness am I suffering from?

To know the type of your color blindness, Solve our Blindness test, and as a result, it will give you the level and type of your color blindness.

Q. Is there a reason that color blindness is essential to diagnose? Why?

First of all, I don't think it should be tested in general. Only if you have some concerns, a test can help you very much to classify them. It is important to diagnose color blindness because only then can you take proper precautions to help, for example, your child with homework.