Color Blindness Test for Kids

Check if your kids are suffering from color blindness, our test can tell you their blindness type and level of color vision deficiency within minutes.


Our color blindness test design with the help of a color plate. It is not designed to solve by wearing any glasses with colored lenses. For an accurate result, please be sure to do the following before taking the blindness test.

  • Remove all glasses with colored lenses

    The test is designed by taking the naked eye in mind. For better results, remove your glasses. Out test not work with any kind of colored lenses and will give you inaccurate results. Taking the online blind test with glasses to “prove” that they work is a misconception and incorrect.

  • Turn brightness on screen to high

    Light affects color and also the ability to perceive differentiation.


While testing your kids Color Blindness, use the following steps for best results:

  • Select a time of day when your kid is active and can pay attention to the test for up to 5 minutes without any distractions.

  • Seat the kid comfortably, so they directly view the computer screen (or tablet or phone). Make your kid looking straight at the screen and not viewing it from an angle. Off-axis viewing could affect the test results.

  • Make sure screen appears to have a good brightness level and is not washed out by sunlight or other room lights. A darkened room is ideal.

  • If you have a mobile device, set the screen brightness manually to medium or high brightness level.

  • If your kid cannot operate the mouse independently, then the adult should “drive” while the child’s task is to say what they see.

  • For younger kids who do not yet know their numbers, we recommend using the “symbol” testing mode, which presents three symbols: square, circle, or triangle.